Gratton Mechanical Ltd services all makes and models of mechanical equipment in your home or business, and offers a wide variety of thermostat and control systems to increase the efficiency of your current system. Examination of air filters, maintenance installations and repair.
Clean air filters improve the efficiency of your system and improve the quality of air circulating through your home or place of business.
Cleaning and treatment of condensation lines
Clogged condensation lines and drain lines can cause water (moisture accumulated by your air conditioning system) to leak through your ceilings or walls. Our cooling inspection also includes an algaecide treatment to reduce the growth of algae and bacteria which can clog your drain lines.

we install and maintain air conditioner installation we will keep your home cool and control humidity during warmer months. Examination of electric components.
Worn electrical components can create problems.

Air conditioners are essentially machines and have a variety of components in it operating simultaneously. Sometimes these components do breakdown or malfunction suddenly.